Hello and welcome to Uninstalled.

Pardon the cobwebs and dust – this place doesn’t get quite as much love as it once did (I’m rather more active on Twitter these days), but this has been my online home since early 2001.

The mercifully brief version of my bio:

Storyteller, strategist, corporate bullet-catcher, HoHoTO co-founder, and aspiring sword-fighter. 20 years in marketing and PR and I still don’t know a darn thing.

The rather wordier version of my bio:

I’m a card-carrying flack and creative marketing tinkerer, sometimes described as a “pioneer” in social media – mainly because I’ve been experimenting in this space for what feels like a long, long time. Serial early-adopter is perhaps more accurate than “pioneer”. Yes, let’s go with that…

I’ve been online since the 80’s, joined my first online social network in 1997, was in the first wave of Twitter fans, signed up for Flickr when it was still mostly an online chat system, and was in the first 500 public users of LinkedIn. In other words, I’ve been involved in this stuff longer than many self-styled “social media experts” have been online.

(For what it’s worth, the day I start referring to myself as an “expert” is the day you can lay me in my grave, for I know I’ll have stopped learning.)

Over the past 10 years, I’ve translated my personal enthusiasm for social software into a strong track record of consulting assignments with a broad variety of clients from the public, private and non-profit sectors. I’ve designed and participated in successful social media initiatives that have shown tangible, measurable results for clients as diverse as Rogers, Sharp, CNW Group, Honda Canada, PayPal, Travelocity.ca, and numerous others.

Underneath all the shiny social software stuff, you’ll find more than 20 years’ of PR, corporate communications and marketing experience, gained in Europe and North America. I’ve worked with tiny struggling startups and many-headed multinational conglomerates. I’ve pitched people, products, processes and pop-tarts (but have a congenital inability to peddle fluff). I’ve taken the media heat for CEOs, and helped hundreds of organizations of all kinds figure out how to tell their stories in ways people can understand.

I’ve been in the agency world for more than ten years now, but prior to my conversion to flackdom I developed thick layers of corporate scar tissue as head of worldwide marketing for one of Canada’s largest publicly-traded software firms. Before that, I was part of a tiny team that took a software startup from zero to IPO in eight months.

I’m constantly inspired by my kids, motivated by my wonderful wife, exhausted by our hyperactive dog, mildly obsessed with pumpkin carving, trying really hard to become a better sword-fighter,  and inordinately proud to be a co-founder of HoHoTO, an extraordinary fund-raising initiative built and promoted entirely through social media that has raised over $150,000 to help hungry people to date.

Everything written here is, of course, my own personal opinion and bears absolutely no relationship to the opinions of my employers or clients.

If you’re looking for me elsewhere online, you’ll find:

  • A more complete version of my bio at my LinkedIn page
  • Frequent random mutterings and links of joy on Twitter
  • Occasional nuggets of stirring insight on Google+
  • A motley assortment of videos on YouTube
  • Friendly banter and infrequent family squabbles on Facebook


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