America’s First Woman President?

I’ve been quietly following the career of Elizabeth Warren for a while now and I continue to be impressed at every turn.

Now running on the Democrat ticket for the Massachusetts state senate seat, Ms. Warren has been kicking up a healthy cloud of positive buzz on the road. One particular moment, taped at an event in Andover, has been bouncing around the Interwebs for over a week now, but I make no excuse for re-posting it here. It still deserves a broader audience – even whatever meagre additional views this wee blog might muster.

Here’s the killer quotation. Deserves to be copied and spread even further and wider than it has been already.

If you think that’s good, it’s even better when you hear the passion with which she delivers the lines. Here’s the clip:

The frisson I feel when watching this is akin to how I felt when I saw clips of Obama’s keynote at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

I called it back then – I felt convinced he’d be the first black American president. Sadly, I didn’t put any money on this or tell anyone other than my Dad (back me up here, Dad – I did say that, right?)

Well I’m going on the record this time. I think Elizabeth Warren could be – perhaps should be the first female president of the US. Only after Barack’s done his full two terms, of course.

Just hoping this post doesn’t jinx her chances entirely.

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