Suw Charman joins Corante

…and becomes important enough to have flacks spreading the good news for her 😉

The news first: the fragrant and talented Suw Charman — author of the superb Chocolate & Vodka blog and ever-present, ever-genial hostess (if that’s the word) of the #joiito IRC channel — has just been appointed editor of a brand new blog in the Corante stable.

The new blog, Strange Attractor, will focus on the business of blogging, with scouting missions into other, adjacent territories, including: related social technologies, writing, screenwriting, e-learning, digital rights, and the changing world of participatory journalism. In Suw’s hands, it’s certain to be an interesting, entertaining, and beautifully written new venture.

Congratulations to Suw, Hylton and Stowe.

As an aside, there’s been something rather ouroborean about this exercise. I spent part of today pitching the news about Suw to a number of bloggers and tech reporters I thought might be interested (I’d offered to help out in a discussion with Stowe last week).

So here we have a blogger (who happens to be in PR) pitching a story to some reporters (most of whom also happen to be bloggers) and bloggers (many of whom are or once were reporters) about a fellow blogger (who has also spent time as a reporter) getting hired as an editor at a blog-based news service.

I feel like I’m in a Christopher Nolan film.

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