Quasi-personalized cluehole

Here’s an example of the sort of thing my inbox gets choked with every now and again.

Given the amount of angry & fairly public online ranting I’ve done about the US President-by-default, I shouldn’t be too surprised to receive “targeted” marketing messages loosely based on some mindless demographibot’s assessment of my interests. But, really, what on Earth have I done to deserve this sort of ordure in my email?

Bush Country
NewsMax.com Breaking News
Read about “the map” that showed Bush’s victory.

Dear fellow American:

Remember “the map” that circulated all over the Internet, the one Rush Limbaugh talked about on his show?

The map showed county by county how almost all of America — the heartland—had voted for George Bush in the last election.

Small, isolated urban enclaves—colored in blue—had voted for Al Gore, but the blue was lost in a sea of red—most of the country, which had voted for George Bush.

Well, NewsMax.com—the number one source for news for conservatives — still receives regular requests from readers for “the map.”

So NewsMax.com has decided to offer a T-shirt, with “the map” reprinted for the world to see “Bush Country.”

This T-shirt will win you friends and drive the liberal establishment -type nuts.

Take a peek, have some fun, and get your “Map” T-shirt. Just click here:

And don’t forget. Turn to NewsMax.com everyday for real news. Michael Reagan, the nationally syndciated radio host, calls NewsMax.com his “favorite web site.”

Insanely off target as this is, I’m still quite glad to receive it – for the amusement value if nothing else. This then serves as another good example of why things like Microsoft’s Hailstorm laser-guided spamware initiative worry me. If the sites and services I visit and use end up “knowing” too much about what I’m really “interested” in, I won’t get frighteningly silly things like this showing up in my mail any more.

I’ll miss the disconnects.

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